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Practical Approach is more than just our name - It is how we go about driving process improvement. We focus on creating tangible customer value, dedicating our energy to actual processes and not to theory. This clear and simple strategy enables organizations to channel their internal efforts toward driving real value. Integrated teams with determined facilitation, create value and foster a culture of Continuous Improvement.



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Like visitors in your home, we believe in exceeding internal expectations by upholding only the highest standards of professionalism. Beyond always having a neat appearance and a polite demeanour, we believe in demonstrating our competence and projecting our confidence in every interaction. We uphold a strict code of ethics and adhere to the etiquette of your corporate culture, professionalism dictates reliability, timeliness and absolute accountability for our actions and outcomes at all times.

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The best solution is the one that creates the greatest value in the shortest time using the fewest resources. At Practical Approach, we leverage the appropriate LEAN tools that drive to this vision of the best solution. Whether this requires the application of Standard Work, 5S, 6 Sigma, SMED or any number of other techniques, our focus remains on the business process to be improved and not on the LEAN theory itself. We view training of LEAN principles and techniques as a means to an end, and not the purpose of the activity.

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Alongside working with companies to help implement LEAN tools, we also offer tailored employee training programs. These programs are designed to empower team members at all levels within the organization to continually seek opportunities for improvement.

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